How I organize school work

Here’s how I organize the boys school work for the week. I use 2 pocket folders nothing fancy.
I use the same color for each day for both kids, its easier to grab same colors in a hurry. (not that I’m ever in a hurry).I write the kids names in the bottom corner of each folder.

On the inside To Do: on left side Completed on the right. The boys can open it up see what needs to be done, once done they move it to the other side. This prevents “am I done?”, “how much more?”….
I store all the folders in a tub, each child has their own. If there are books that we are going to read they go in here. Also any other things we are going to need for the week.
I store the workbooks, books, supplies in these storage drawers. Each child has 2, thats 6 drawers each. Labeled as Math, Language Arts,Phonics, Science, History, and Handwriting. I still have things to put away this past week we got Science & History so all thats on top and in between~ the mess!
I always get their stuff ready on Sunday for the week. So there thats how I do it.

Are your children too young for PG-13 movies?

Scott & I went to see this Transformers Dark of the Moon on Saturday. I really don’t care for movies like this but it was pretty good. Anyways there were a pretty good amount of children in the theater. Even under the age of 13. Although its PG-13 some parents think its ok to take their 5,6,7 year olds. I personally think it should be rated R. The little boy sitting behind us was no older 6, he was crying at one point. I even mentioned to Scott I can see a Dad taking his child to these types of movies, but a Mother!

This child should have been watching Winnie the Pooh.

Parents are suppose to protect their children. Not expose them to violence.

I don’t understand it at all.

I think It’s pretty clear why this movie is NOT for children….
“Transformers : Dark of the Moon” is rated PG 13 because of ‘intense prolonged sequences of sci-fi action violence , mayhem and destruction , and for language , somesexuality and innuendo’ 

Would you allow your children to watch this?


You’re children are growing up fast enough why expose them to the violence at such an early age?

What part of that don’t parents understand.

Don’t wonder why little Johnny is being so violent after taking him to see this.

When they turn 7,8,9 are they going to be allowed to watch rated R? age 12,13 rated X? When will they be allowed to drink, have alcohol?